If your gate opener is working only one cycle - OPEN or CLOSE, it may indicate a fault with the limit switch. You can perform a troubleshooting test to determine if the control board needs to be replaced.

Tools Needed:
-Two lengths of 16-18 AWG wire
-Electricians (or small) flat head screwdriver
-A way to send an open/close signal to the gate (key remote, push-button or keypad)

Please click HERE to view a video of the test being performed. 

  • To perform this test, you will need to turn the power to the unit OFF. 
  • Once you have confirmed that the power is off, remove the YELLOW, BLACK, and RED wires shown in the visual aid. In their place will go the two lengths of 16-18 AWG wire as shown in the visual aid. These are the jumper wires that will allow us to operate the gate with the limit switch removed.
  • When the jumper wires are installed as shown in the visual aid, restore power to the unit.


           WARNING  With the limit switch removed, the opener is no longer automatic. You will need to watch the gate while it is operating and stop it with a signal (key remote, push-button, keypad, etc.) before it hits the gate posts.

  • With the power restored, attempt to operate the gate. We are looking for the gate to travel in both directions

If you are not comfortable performing this test by yourself, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help with troubleshooting with you.

Test Results:
If the gate opens and closes with the limit switch removed from the control board, then we have confirmed that the limit switch is faulty and needs to be replaced. Reply with your test results and gate opener model number and we'll help by placing the order for you.

If there is no change in the operation of the gate opener, then further troubleshooting is required and you will need to call us at 833-926-2323.