From the description of your issues, it appears that your exit wand is not communicating with your circuit board. We have a test to confirm that your control board (with adapter board) can receive and process a mock signal from the exit wand. 

To perform this test, you will need the following:

  • One small length of jumper wire (18 - 22 AWG)

  • Small Electrician’s screwdriver

First, ensure that your gate is in the closed position. Remove the BLUE and BLACK wires in terminals XB2 and XB1 (ports 17 and 18) on the circuit board. 

You will then short these two terminals with your jumper wire for approximately 2 - 3 seconds. You should hear a relay fire when the signal is sent. 

 If the gate’s circuit board and adapter board are working properly, then the gate will open fully and after the auto close timer counts down close. 

Please let us know the results of this test by calling 833-926-2323