To reset your LM171 wireless keypad for gate opener models AC1400/200 and AR1450/2050, to the factory default code of '11' (left arrow) and '22' (right arrow), please follow the instructions and diagrams below.

  1. Remove the backplate of the keypad using a small screwdriver to pop the blue faceplate off the keypad. Locate the notch at the bottom center and gently pry loose with the screwdriver tip.
  2. Remove the two silver 2.5mm hex bolts securing the backplate to the keypad.
  3. Remove the two black 3.0 mm hex bolts securing the keypad housing together to gain access to the circuit board. The batteries will fall out after this step. Feel free to remove them now.
  4. With the keypad case open, you will see the circuit board. There are three (3) Phillips head screws that need to be removed to allow access to the back of the circuit board. Reference the photos below for the location of these screws.
  5. With access to the back of the circuit board, you will see the battery terminal and the reset (small red) button. Hold the two batteries to the battery terminal to supply power to the circuit board, while pressing the reset button. The keypad LED will light up and sound a beep. The reset has not been completed.
  6. Reassembly the keypad