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White and Black Patio Awnings

    - Powder-coated aluminum

    - White-coated awnings are more expensive than black-coated awnings due to the cost of materials.

    - Same in all ways, the only difference is color.

White Awning Sizes

      L  x  W (Width x Extension)

    -6.5' x 5' =  2 Wall Brackets

   - 8' x 6.5' = 2 Wall Brackets 

   - 10' x 8'  = 2 Wall Brackets 

   - 12' x 10' = 2 Wall Brackets 

   - 13' x 10' = 2 Wall Brackets 

Black Awning Sizes

      L  x  W (Width x Extension)

    - 10' x 8' = 2 Wall Brackets 

   - 12' x 10' = 2 Wall Brackets 

   - 13' x 10' = 2 Wall Brackets 

   - 16' x 10' = 3 Wall Brackets

   - 20' x 10' = 3 Wall Brackets



Motorized Awnings

16' x 10' 

      &            Both come standard as motorized units(They come with a HANDCRANK and a MOTOR)

20' x 10'         

    - White and black patio awnings come with AWMOTORDM45R-AP motor; can be used on both sides (left & right)

    - Hand crank is used only on the left side

    - Motor power cord is 18' long

Remote: DM45R


Up Arrow:        CLOSE              

Middle:            STOP               

Down Arrow:   OPEN       


    - Made of Tightly woven Polyester

    - Hardware has spray-on lacquer for extra protection

    - To clean the fabric: use mild soap with water and scrub with a scrub brush

Wind rating:

    - All patio awnings have a wind rating of 25 mph before needing to retract the awning to prevent potential                      damage.


    - Can be mounted to reinforced concrete, brick, and wood

    - Supplied screws are for brick and reinforced concrete walls.

           For wood, see below: 

                1/2" Lag bolts, 4"-5" long. (Screws for Mounting the awning to wood)



Problem :

    How do you properly add the armbar links to the front bar?

Solution :

    View the attachments below for a video to send to the customer's email.

Problem :

    Why won't my remote pair to my awning?

Solution :

Most people fail the time limit portion, which is 6 seconds. Inform them so they are aware.

It is important to unplug and plug the motor's power cord to start the programming process.

Problem :

 Why won't my awning retract anymore?

Solution :

The gear that goes on the edge of the motor has stripped teeth. You need to replace the gear shown below

Problem :

My awning isn't opening properly (Won't stop rolling) 

Solution :

The cause of the awning retracting too much or too little and vice versa is due to the limit switches needing adjustment.

Inform them to rotate the limit switches as needed below.

It's been recorded customers have been needing to rotate the limit switches up to 150 times before the switches are set to where they need to be, however, this is unlikely for most.


 (Click on images to enlarge) 

Problem :

 Why is my awning rolling up crooked?

Solution :

Armbar Links are not set correctly; the lengths are off.

Inform customer to measure the armbar links of left and right arm so they are similar

Problem :

 Why are my arms breaking?

Solution :

(Same as above)

Armbar Links are not set correctly; the lengths are off.

Make sure the other end of the arm is 3" closer to the edge than part Q

Problem :

 Why is my fabric fading?

Solution :

Fabric fade is caused due to too much exposure to the sun.

We recommend spraying some UV protection to extend the lifetime of the fabric.

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