Your order may have been split into multiple shipments. The first step will be to make sure your entire order has shipped.  Click on My Account at, then navigate to Review Order/Track Packages. Locate the order number and view the tracking details.  If your order shows delivered and you haven't received it, we'll need to follow up with the carrier on your behalf.  Reach out to our customer care team by emailing us at, or call us at 833-926-2323 and we'll help.

If your order number shows that it was split into two or more shipments, the tracking details will populate for the portion of your order that has shipped. Updates will be available when the remaining item(s) go out the door. This holds true for FedEx, USPS, and UPS Tracking. LTL Orders may require a bit more time to resolve, due to the size of the items in transit.